How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan Safely

How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan
Xbox One

If you wonder how to clean your Xbox One fan safely, you may take a look at this article. There are a few things you need to consider. We covered these points here. But remember, you need to be really careful about your console. This process is not very difficult but requires a lot of attention. So it may be best to keep your console clean from the start.

How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan Without Opening

It’s pretty easy to figure your Xbox One fan needs cleaning. The fan runs noisier when it’s dusty. Also, your console runs slow. Usually, this happens in 3-4 years. Therefore if you don’t do general cleaning of your console often, you may encounter this problem at an earlier stage.

How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan
How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan

There are two main methods how to clean your Xbox One fan without opening it. First of all, you can use an air compressor. This is the safest method. If you wonder how to get one, you can get one shopping website like Amazon. Also, you can easily find an air compressor from your local hardware stores. They are pretty easy to use. First, you should wipe with a microfiber cloth. It’s important to clean the dust as much as possible with the cloth. Then use your air compressor. The things you should consider while using the compressor are:

  • Be careful with the pressure
  • Always use the smallest head
  • Follow the guidelines of air compressor

You can also use a compressed air can. The method is the same as the air compressor.

The second method is to clean your Xbox One fan without opening it is to use a vacuum cleaner. Almost everybody has one and it’s easy to use. This method is very easy to apply but not that effective. All you need to do is to vacuum the console through the openings. You can watch this video to see both methods.

How to Open Your Xbox One Fan

Also, you can open your Xbox One to clean the fan. But, this process is highly risky if you don’t have experience with such a thing. If you have previous experience at opening electronic devices and you’re handy, it’s actually not too difficult. If you will use this method, it’s important to have necessary tools like small screwdrivers for electronic devices in your home. Be careful that your Xbox One is unplugged. There are so many tutorials on the internet, especially on Youtube. You can watch this example and see how to do it. If you aren’t confident with this matter, it would be better to seek professional help.

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