Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Has Been Delayed to 2022

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Has Been Delayed to 2022
Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy was announced in September and has been delayed to 2022. This highly expected game seems to need some more time. Even though fans are ready for it.

Harry Potter video games have had an interesting ride over the last 20 years. The first few games built a mysterious world. They actually were most gamers’ first experience with video games in that era. With the final two movies, the games took a “third-person shooter” aspect.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy was announced last September to an incredible reaction from all around the world. The last official Harry Potter game we received was Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. The 10-year wait has kept Potter fans waiting impatiently for a new release.

The Delay is Official for Hogwarts Legacy

A recent Twitter posting has now informed Potter fans that they might have to wait a little while longer for a new wizarding adventure.

Warner Bros. Games has officially confirmed via the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter page that Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed until 2022.

The developer said, “thanks to fans from around the world for their tremendous reaction to the game’s announcement”. They also stated that “creating the best possible experience for all of the Wizarding World will take more time”.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy
Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy

About The Game

The developer doesn’t give any information about what the game may bring us. Even though the majority of the games were all in different styles, Hogwarts Legacy will have an open-world format. This was something fans have been expecting and waiting for for many years.

In addition to all of this info, fans have some questions in their mind. Will the game need to be released on older consoles? Will it be worth waiting for? We all need to keep waiting to see all the answers.

Was That Surprizing?

It isn’t actually a surprise even though this news made disappointment for those waiting. Cyberpunk 2077 was released and faced a humongous backlash so it’s unsurprising that Warner Bros. Games have decided to push the release date and have more time to work on the game. Just like many others, the gaming industry has been affected by the pandemic too.  The game was only announced back in September and it seems like the developer has underestimated the time they need to develop the Hogwarts Legacy game.

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