New on Xbox This Week: April 2nd, 2021

Here are the new week starts and we ready what’s new on Xbox catalog. This list is after the announcement of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and all related Xbox X and Xbox Series X titles and what’s coming to Xbox in April 2021.

Every week we’re talking about what’s new and fresh on Xbox, you might skip all the fun games. We will help fix it if you have a couple of minutes. Last week we have made the news into an easy-to-digest Xbox post for any material! Or if you want to watch rather than read, on our weekly video show above you can celebrate your eyes. Come back each Friday to see what is happening on Xbox this week!

News from Xbox for April 2021

Xbox Free Play Days – The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited, Hunt: Showdown, and Steel Rats

Take a big multiplayer trip or quest for nightlife or take part in an octane-fueled motorcycle battle on the Free Play Days this weekend. Tamriel Infinite The Elder Scrolls, Hunt: Showdown, Steel Rats are everything… You can also check our article for this news.

New Games with Xbox Live Gold for April

The Live Gold line-up of April Games is here! The legendary beasts on the Vikings of Xbox consoles Wolves of Midgard, driving big strong platforms in the Truck Racing Championship. And walk into the traditional line-up via Backward compatibility…

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Available on Xbox

Welcome to El Hijo universe – the wild West Story, where a boy has to brave his chance to locate his mother and get his family together. As a kid, on a treacherous path, you have to go through 30 ever more challenging stages….

Xbox on April 6th to 9th, 2021

Here’s cover all new games that will soon be released to consoles, and Windows 10 PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass and ID@Xbox Titles in the near future! Get more information about the games…

No Man’s Sky: Expeditions Update

No Man’s Sky: Expeditions is the latest expansion, begins today and brings players a whole new way of exploration together. A seasoned adventurer looking to reclaim the wonder of the first moments in No Man’s Sky when you are a returning player finding a new beginning.

Unite The Realm in the Latest Paladins Update for XBOX

The Kingdom fails to combat her terrorful attack as the celestial entity Yagorath consumes everything in its course. In its darkest hour, though, a new force is setting up to fight the greed of the Maw in order to restore hope to the Kingdom…

Best of Roblox at the 8th Annual Bloxy Game Awards

Roblox is back at the Bloxy Awards! The Bloxys put our entire global community together to share some of the best Roblox moments, images, and makers of the year for those who are unfamiliar.

What’s New on Xbox from April 6th to April 9th, 2021

We are close to April 2021 and what’s new on the Xbox games list is very interesting and excited for next weekend. These games also including consoles the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and all of the upcoming Xbox Series X games and Xbox Series X or Windows 1o PC launch games schedules.

Xbox staggers the rollout of Games of Gold in the month for those unfamiliar. Starting on April 6, the gamers will have the chance for the play Breathedge, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Luckslinger, Cozy Grove, What the Dub?!, Ravensword: Shadowlands, Skyland: Heart of the Mountain, Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat’s Revenge games.

And, we just scheduled all of the upcoming Xbox games we’re most looking forward to, ordered by launch date next week on April 2021.

Full list of Xbox games for April 6 to April 9


Release date: April 6


“Breathedge is an ironic action game for deep space survival. Take on the part of a normal man named the Man who just brings the ashes of his grandpa to a galactic funeral and finds himself unexpectedly in the midst of the universal conspiracy.”

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Release date: April 6


“Call upon the words in a young girl’s diary pages for the resolution of difficult puzzles, answer special platform segments and find out about an intimate story in Missing Words around Estoria’s vibrant world.”


Release date: April 7


“Some of it was influenced by the unrealistically quick gunslinging, dark rude humor, and covetous anti-heroes of the Western classics of the spaghetti. Totalized by the excavation of vinyl, the spraying of graffiti, rhyming and slow jazzy samples of hip hop culture and sound.”

Cozy Grove

Release date: April 8


“The camping game on an island which is always evolving. As a Spirit Scout, each day you’ll walk through the forest of the island, discover new secrets and relax the local fantasies. You’ll bring color and joy back to Cozy Grove with a little time and a lot of crafting!”

What the Dub?!

Release date: April 8


“A local party game where every player overdoes the missing dialogue, with their own stupid, funny (or just dumb) dubbed, from hilariously bad B fiction, obsolete PSAs and weird industrial films.”

Ravensword: Shadowlands

Release date: April 9


“The planet went down into chaos after the collapse of Ravengard. The Kingdom of Tyre stood alone in front of a sea of dark elves. The Word of Ravens was lost and the days of darkness were beginning. Alone you have the power as a descendant of an ancient royal line to use the Word of the Ravens and to recover what was lost.”

Skyland: Heart of the Mountain

Release date: April 9


“Join your sister Adrianne in the world founded upon sleeping giant hills to escape a horrible annihilation that can alter the world in an irreversible way. Learn the past of a forgotten civilization in order to save Skylanders and uncover the mystery of the death of your father.”

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat’s Revenge

Release date: April 9


“A family-friendly game for children of all ages. Yoko and Yuki are in love with each other two cute cats. Yuki was taken from Yoko by the devious doctor Rat. It’s time to do a cat business now and save your girlfriend with helpful tools and a solution to every puzzle.”

Xbox Free Play Days starts with The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited, Hunt: Showdown, and Steel Rats games

For those who have Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription Xbox offers 3 new free-to-play games for this weekend. These games like The Elder Scrolls Unlimited Online Tamriel, Hunt: Showdown, and Steel Rat. You can enjoy while you playing these known games.

Also, Xbox Free Play Days activities usually provide discounts on each of the titles, but not on any single title. However, with each of the games on offer, this weekend is not the case. The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited will have the most options for shopping with five different Elder Scrolls. Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play from April 1 at 12:01 a.m. until April 4 at 11:59 p.m, with an extended stay for The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited until April 13th, 2021 at 7:00 a.m.

How to Start Playing for Xbox Free Play Days

Firstly, you must be check, find and install the titles. When you click through, you will be sent to Microsoft Store to view the option to upgrade with your Xbox Live Gold membership. You need to sign up. To download the Free Play Days set on your Xbox One, press the subscriptions tab of the Xbox Store, and access the Gold Member section.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited 
    • Standard Edition: $8.00
    • Greymoor Upgrade: $13.20
    • Greymoor: $19.80
    • Greymoor Collector’s Edition Upgrade: $16.50
    • Greymoor Collector’s Edition: $26.40
  • Hunt: Showdown
    • Standard Edition: $16.00
    • DLC – An Unlikely Par: $5.99
    • DLC – Ronin: $4.19
    • DLC – The Trickshooter: $4.19
  • Steel Rats
    • Standard Edition: $4.50

The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited

Elder Scrolls Online, the award-winning RPG set inside the Elder Scrolls world, will last until 13 April at 7 am PDT for a long duration of free play days. You’ll be free to learn Tamriel’s mysteries, build your own weapons, play styles, and travel to awesome lands. Not just that, but even the Morrowind section, which is currently available in the Microsoft Store for the Elder Scrolls Online, will not be missed.

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a high-speed PvP bounty hunting game for the FPS with heavy PvE elements of the developers of Crysis. You are part of a community of hard-working boon hunters who banish nightmare beings from our planet, and you are generously paying for them. If you lose and die, both character and machinery will rob you of your hands. It places up in the deepest areas of the world and puts together the excitement of survival games.

Steel Rats

The American Coastal City dieselpunk version of 1940 and saves it from the dangerous attack of junk bots aliens. You are a born king, a brave racer, a young genius, or an artist in a ratchet cirque? Finally, there’s only one task – to destroy the bots! Way? Way? Your motorcycle is an arsenal loaded with sharp raspers, harpoon cannons, and exhaust fire – you’re going to be stopped! Steel Rats is a platformer of 2.5D indie with groundbreaking gameplay, physics-based mechanics, and a cool graphic dieselpunk.

You can also check here for Free Play Days for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

What’s New on Xbox from March 30th to April 2nd, 2021

The upcoming Xbox games list is very interesting and excited for this week. That’s also despite the fact the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and all of their associated upcoming Xbox Series X games and Xbox Series X launch games release.

Thanks to Microsoft‘s adding and continue to include the now last-genre console as part of the Xbox gaming community, along with PC, the continued power of the forthcoming XBox game for this week list. In short, there’s already a lot to look forward to on the Xbox One.

We just highlighted all of the upcoming Xbox games we’re most looking forward to, ordered by launch date this week.

Full list of Xbox games for March 30 to April 2

I Saw Black Clouds

Release date: March 30 – Console: Xbox One X Enhanced


After the unexpected death of a close friend, Kristina returns to her hometown looking for answers, only to unearth a string of dark secrets. I Saw Black Clouds is an interactive psychological thriller with supernatural elements and branching storylines.


Release date: March 30 – Console: Xbox Game Pass


Become symphonic in Narita Boy! A radical action-adventure as a legendary pixel hero trapped as a mere echo within the digital kingdom. Flashback to the ‘80s. The Creator, a genius of his time, creates a video game console called Narita One with its flagship title being a game called Narita Boy.

C14 Dating

Release date: March 31 – Console: Xbox Series X|S


You play as Melissa Flores, a 3rd year anthropology student participating in a summer archaeological internship. Staying in an unfamiliar country for two months, it can be nerve-racking, but you couldn’t pass up such a learning opportunity. You might also forge friendships and find romance during your stay.

Escape from Life Inc

Release date: March 31 – Console: Xbox One X Enhanced


Escape from Life Inc is a quirky story-driven puzzle platformer, where you switch between three animals: a walking fish, an arrogant eagle, and a stuttering reindeer.

Throughout your adventure you’ll be doing puzzles, platforming, exploring and much more. Together with plenty of wacky characters, help these three unlikely friends escape the alien lab.


Release date: March 31


Break bricks by using the ball. Get items like bonus, speed, and multiple balls to make the game more challenging. If you hit the force wall multiple times it will be destroyed so you can reach the next stage. If you miss a ball you go back to the previous stage. But hurry up, you only have seconds before the ball explodes.

squad kıller

Release date: March 31


Squad Killer puts you in control of a retro arcade experience with a little modern flair. Presented in pixelated two-tone style with customization and precision that pushes beyond the limits of its inspirations.

Adjust the color palette, choose between multiple play modes, purchase upgrades, and overcome unpredictably shuffled stage order with each run!


Release date: March 31


Our protagonist wishes for two things: save the princess and become rich. To get all the treasures of Acalesia this hipster with a shotgun will have to fight hordes of monsters, sneak through a myriad of devious traps and reveal a few secrets of survival.


Release date: April 1 – Consoles: Xbox Game Pass / Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Supports Smart Delivery


Combining intense gunplay with violent powers and an arsenal of increasingly twisted weaponry and gear-sets, Outriders is a 1-3 player co-op RPG shooter set in an original, dark, and desperate sci-fi universe.

As mankind bleeds out in the trenches of Enoch, you’ll create your own Outrider and embark on a journey across the hostile planet. With rich storytelling spanning a diverse world, you’ll leave behind the slums and shanty towns of the First City and traverse forests, mountains and desert in the pursuit of a mysterious signal.

Mittelborg: City of Mages

Release date: April 2


Monsters, nomads, mercenaries, the living dead, and rebellious spirits — Chaos does not sleep and besieges the Universe. Collect resources, get ready for tempests, keep guards on the walls and mages at the towers. Do you execute or pardon? Spend aether on the repairs or upgrades of weapons? Power is a heavy burden.

Papa’s Quiz

Release date: April 2


Papa’s Quiz is a party game for 1-8 players. Use phones or tablets as controllers and compete in multiple question types, where the smartest and fastest player will be the last standing victor!

SturmFront – The Mutant War: Ubel Edition

Release date: April 2 – Consoles: Xbox Play Anywhere


It is the year 1984 and it is the end of the world as we know it. A great plague, wrought by human hands, has introduced a new kind of creature: the mutants. Dr. Hartmuth Griesgram, a heartbroken and eccentric scientist who is responsible for their creation, unleashes his ultimate creation and his final hope: the prototype SturmFront battle unit. You play as Siegfried von Hammerstein, a unique semi-organic battle unit whose only purpose to exist is to kill and destroy.

Train Station Simulator

Release date: April 2 – Consoles: Xbox Play Anywhere


Be a creative engineer by planning flooring tiles, building walls, and creating emergency routes. The demand for rail travel is evident: setup the complete timetable for your central station and deploy all local and national bus, tram, and taxi connections. Ride the rails and operate your ultimate grand central empire in Train Station Simulator!

What’s your thoughts about this week games and do you want to play or not? Please let us know below!