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Fall Guys could come to Xbox after all

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Shawn Farner

If you’re an Xbox gamer who doesn’t happen to own a PlayStation, you’ve been missing out on the summer’s biggest hit. No, not Ghost of TsushimaFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

This party game takes the physics of Human Fall Flat and mashes it up with those crazy Japanese obstacle course shows. But at this moment in time, you can’t play the game on your Xbox One. As far as consoles are concerned, Fall Guys is only present on PlayStation 4. But that could change, according to the developers behind the new title.

Twitch streamer Kate Stark dropped some news on Twitter a few days back, fresh off an interview with the Fall Guys dev team. Among the juiciest tidbits? An Xbox version of Fall Guys is absolutely not off the table, as lead designer Joe Walsh reportedly told Stark, “Maybe one day.”

There are undoubtedly eager Xbox fans hoping and praying for this game to make its way to their platform, so any news is good news at this point. Plus, if there was some kind of unbreakable exclusivity — if Sony had the console version of Fall Guys totally locked up — Walsh probably wouldn’t have been able to say anything at all.

This is a promising development, and not just for Xbox fans. Switch owners, too, could use a little Fall Guys love. Here’s hoping everyone gets to experience this gem at some point in the near future.