Elden Ring Overview Trailer Released before Launch

Elden Ring Overview Trailer Released before Launch

Bandai Namco has shared a brand new trailer of Elden Ring (releasing on Release February 25, 2022) on the Xbox YouTube channel – giving players another look at what to expect. This 6-minute-long trailer explains some aspects of the game’s lore as well as the mechanics.

New Official Elden Ring Trailer – 2.19.2022

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is set in the realms between, shortly after the destruction and scattering of its fragments, the Great Runes. The realm was once graced with the Ring and the Erdtree, which symbolizes its presence. Now, Queen Marika, the demigod offspring, rules over the realm, each possessing a shard from the Ring that corrupts or taints their power. Players must navigate the realm as a Tarnished, exiles from the Lands Between who have lost the Ring’s grace, to find the Great Runes and restore the Elden Ring. Then, they will become the Elden Lord.

You can customize the appearance, armor, and abilities of your character. Warriors are skilled in close-quarter combat while casters excel at magic attacks from a distance. There are many preset classes available. Or you can choose to learn a few of them all to create a character that suits your play style.

Players can use a map to locate markers and beacons that will help them navigate. The map makes it easy to travel quickly to previously undiscovered checkpoints. This was previously possible only by visiting bonfires and idols at select locations around the globe.

Elden Ring Game info

  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment, JP: FromSoftware
  • Director: Hidetaka Miyazaki
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Xbox One Xbox Series X/S
  • Release Date: February 25, 2022
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Are you ready for Elden Ring?

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