Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt end date

What is Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt end date? Here’s the answer we got after looking into that question.
Season of the Hunt end date

When Destiny 2: Beyond Light got delayed, it threw the game’s seasonal schedule off a little bit. Typically, expansions come in September, and new seasons start in December, March, and June. Beyond Light, however, arrived in November. What does that mean for Destiny 2‘s latest season? What is the Season of the Hunt end date?

The Season Pass page on your character can sometimes provide you all the info you need. At press time, that page shows Season of the Hunt with 88 days remaining. A little math then tells us the season should wrap up on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021.

Now, you shouldn’t put all your faith in that date for a number of reasons. For starters, I mentioned above that Destiny 2: Beyond Light was delayed. That expansion — and Season of the Hunt — were both slated to start in September 2020. When they got pushed back to November, Destiny 2‘s Season of Arrivals got extended by nearly two months as a result. Due to COVID-19 and any other number of factors, the same could happen here.

The days remaining on the Season Pass could also be a ballpark figure, meaning Bungie could shore up a more solid Season of the Hunt end date later down the line.

Still, I think it’s fair to assume you have roughly three months to accomplish everything in Season of the Hunt. Be sure to check back often for more guides. Next week — as indicated by the roadmap above — Season Missions finally arrive. Who knows what they’ll bring.

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