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Destiny 2 Penguin Toy #4 – Where to find it

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Shawn Farner

The weekly reset has arrived, which means it’s time for another Destiny 2 Penguin Toy hunt. This week, we’ve managed to track down Penguin Toy #4, which you’ll place inside the small room by Variks in Charon’s Crossing. Where do you find this particular penguin, exactly? How do you get it? You’re in luck. The hunt this week is pretty darn simple.

To start, this is where you’ll be putting the penguin — on the small table in the same room as the others. As you can see, it’s telling you to “Search Bray Exoscience.” Leave the room, hop on your Sparrow, and head to Camdus Ridge. Once you’re there, head west and enter the building. After a bit, you’ll be in Bray Exoscience.

What you’ll want to do next is head all the way through Bray Exoscience as though you’re going to Eternity. That means you’ll want to travel almost all the way to the end of the area. Once you reach the room below, the Penguin Toy will be sitting on a machine.

It’ll have a forcefield around it that you’ll need to take down. How do you do this? Well, after you dispatch the enemies usually found in the area, anther batch will spawn in. All you have to do is wipe them out, as well, and the forcefield will drop and you’ll be free to collect the Penguin Toy.

Once you have it, fast travel back to Charon’s Crossing, re-enter the room with all the other Penguin Toys, then drop this one into its designated spot. That’ll get you some additional Lore and have you another step closer to knocking the Destiny 2 Penguin Toy Triumph out completely.