Demolish & Build 3 Building Simulator Trailer Released for Xbox One and Series X/S

Demolish & Build 3 Building Simulator Trailer Released for Xbox One and Series X/S
Demolish & Build 3

Demolish and Build 3, a physics-based simulation of a demolition and construction company will launch in 2023 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. According to the developers, it’s a new beginning in the game series. The latest version comes with an entirely new, highly advanced demolition system as well as a variety of management options. Demolish & Build 3 will be available on PC first, then consoles, such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Demolish & Build 3 – Official Trailer

Demolish Games S.A., is currently developing a stealth action game called World War II: Underground and is also the creator and the publisher of Build Demolish 3 and Build.

What is Demolish and Build 3?

Demolish and Build 3 can be described as a real-life simulation game, in which the player is the director of a demolition firm. The game’s focus is on executing demolition and building work in various structures and also managing and expanding the business. The game’s creators have designed an extensive range of construction equipment and tools to perform various kinds of jobs. For example, a traditional hammer, excavators, and huge cranes are bound to be seen.

Another crucial element in the game in addition to the demolition and construction tasks is corporate management. The player can purchase the equipment on their own employ employees, assign them tasks, and oversee expanding the headquarters of the company. The execution of orders will facilitate the growth of the business. As the company grows, the employee will be able to perform more difficult and complex tasks.

The brand new game developed by Demolish Games S.A. offers an exclusive demolition system. According to the developers, every fragment is made up of a specific substance with its own specific resistance to damage to a certain kind. The various pieces are physically linked to one another which means they will be exposed to real pressure forces. In turn, the structures will also influence the other. In reality, it is built on physics which gives the process of demolition an extremely realistic appearance.

Demolish and Build 3 – major characteristics:

  • Building and demolition simulator;
  • real-world system of destruction
  • equipment and large machines;
  • managing and developing a business;
  • randomly generated missions
  • the hiring and management of employees;

The date for the release of Demolish & Build 3 is originally scheduled for 2023. The game will initially be released for PC (Steam), with versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, coming on later.

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