Deep Silver announces the games we will not see at E3 2021

Deep Silver Announces The Games We Will Not See At E3 2021
Deep Silver

The developer Deep Silver announces the games we are not going to see at E3 2021. They will have a mysterious announcement, though.

The name behind great game series like Saints Row, Metro, and Timesplitters has given a heads up today. The company has stated that those who are waiting for new titles for these series should not get excited. As their parent company, Koch Media is planning a live stream to reveal a different title. At least that is what the gaming community is hoping as we now know that there will not be a new Saints Row or a Metro game.

Koch Media is going to announce something that we currently do not know. The subsidiary Deep Silver wanted to make sure that the community would not have false expectations.

Koch Media Event Scheduled for June 11

That being said, the live stream is scheduled to start on June 11 during Summer Game Fest. The official Twitter account of Deep Silver also gives a link to a strange website.

The name of the website is You can reach the website as of June 4 and it opens a window to a Twitch stream. It is currently offline though and it will probably mirror June 11 Koch Media live stream.

On the other hand, Deep Silver is going to be at this year’s E3. But it is sad that we are not going to see a new Saints Row game. Saints Row The Third Remastered received a next-gen update on new generation consoles. And there is also a new Metro game in the works in addition to another Dead Island title. Knowing that we are not going to see new footage from these games is a bit sad. We know that they are planning to reveal a brand new title, though.

These are all the details regarding the mysterious announcement. We only know that the live stream will start on June 11 at 9 pm CEST / 12 am PDT.

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