Could Xbox Live eventually be free?

Xbox Live

How does free online multiplayer sound? It’s the reality right now for PC gamers, and if Forbes’ Paul Tassi is correct, no-cost online play could be making its way to Xbox.

In an article published this morning, Tassi breaks down the math behind how such a move might make sense for Microsoft. Basically, Microsoft could stop charging for Xbox Live, make more on Game Pass subscriptions, and solve a number of problems for itself. It’s a pretty convincing argument.

There is, of course, one pretty major downside to this — you’d probably stop getting those “free” games with your monthly subscription. But let’s be honest: the quality on those hasn’t been great for a while. A lot of people actually blame Xbox Game Pass for that.

Otherwise, cutting the charge for Xbox Live could be a way for Microsoft to make its platforms more enticing. It’s doubtful Sony would follow suit. And from a fairness standpoint, it just makes sense. Both PC gamers and those on Xbox One or Xbox Series X can play Halo Infinite this holiday season. Why should PC gamers get access to that exact same game’s multiplayer services for free while console owners have to pay?

Keep a close eye on Xbox Live in the weeks ahead. This theory may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.


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