Coming Next Week on Xbox: June 14th to June 18th, 2021

Coming Next Week on Xbox: June 14th to June 18th, 2021

What’s coming next week on Xbox consoles between June 14th and June 18th, 2021 is announced. We will cover 5 games this week. They all will be available to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In this article, we will cover all that you need to know about these games. Also, you can watch the trailer videos for more info about them.

We will look at 5 games this week. The list is shorter than usual because E3 is about to happen! You can take a look at the articles on our website before the event. While waiting, let’s see the games of this week.

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator – June 16

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is a title of roguelike strategy games. You will be in war as Gallic warriors to take down Roman Empire. You need to plan your moves to reach Rome. Although the army is small at first, you can build it up as you wish. You can choose to go in battles as much as you want but be careful. Because you will have a limited number of troops.

Heliborne – June 16

Heliborne invites you to aviation and combat where you can fly various helicopters. You can choose a 60’s model or a modern one. Also, there are so many mission scenarios to choose from. You can be a part of multiplayer mode or just fly around and enjoy. Whatever you choose, we insist you try the multiplayer mode, it’s a great feature of the game.

Wingspan – June 17

Wingspan is a strategy card game for up to 5 players. You choose birds and the description guides you to your next move. It is a feel-good game offering a fun time. Also, the visuals are relaxing and smooth at the same time. The game will be released as enhanced for Xbox One X.

Discolored – June 17

Discolored is a unique puzzle game where you try to restore the color of the environment you’re in. It takes place in a single location where almost everything is surreal. You will definitely enjoy it if you are a fan of puzzle games. The game will be coming next week as enhanced for Xbox One X.

Galaxy Champions TV – June 18

Galaxy Champions TV is a shooter arcade game that makes you keep playing. You will see different kinds of powerful weapons, a load of enemies to destroy, and bosses to defeat to be a champ. The game is a good modern version of classic arcade games.

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