Coming Next Week on Xbox: July 12th – July 16th, 2021

F1 2021 Coming Next Week on Xbox on July 16th, 2021
F1 2021

What’s coming next week on Xbox between July 12th and July 16th, 2021? We got that question answered. This week we have 9 new games coming to Xbox.

The games will be available for Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One. You can find the info below. Also, some of the games coming are available to play on Xbox Game Pass. You can choose which membership is best for you here and then play a huge number of games with only one subscription. So, let’s get started!

Next Week on Xbox Games

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials – July 15

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials is an action and adventure puzzle game. It includes some humor as we can understand from the title. You will have the chance to uncover secrets, overcome enemies and solve puzzles with your bat friend Pip.

Blaster Master Zero 2 – July 15

Blaster Master Zero 2 is a side-scrolling action and adventure game. You will see Jason, Eve, and Fred in this adventure between many galaxies. Join them in their marvelous journey! The game is coming as optimized for Xbox Series X/S.

Bloodroots – July 15

Bloodroots is a game where you can use whatever you can find to kill your enemies. The main enemy is Mr. Black Wolf in this game. You need to take your revenge on the bandits who left you to die. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass, for PC, Xbox consoles, and cloud.

Lost At Sea – July 15

Lost at Sea takes you to an island where you need to overcome your fears. It ınvolves puzzles for you to solve. The story is quite impressive with the aspects of life and death. The game is coming next week on Xbox as optimized for Xbox Series X/S.

F1 2021 – July 16

F1 2021 is the latest entry to the legendary series. You can be a part of F1 with thrilling races, legendary drivers, and top teams. This title has a few great additions to the storyline. The game will be optimized for Xbox Series X/S.

Ice Cream Surfer – July 16

Ice Cream Surfer is a fun and colorful game where you need to prevent the Broccoli to destroy the galaxy filled with tasty ice creams. You will get help from Ice Cream Surfer while trying to achieve it. Tasty, huh?

Restless Night – July 16

Restless Night has zombies in it and they are a lot! You need to grab your weapon and destroy so many different kinds of zombies. They include bats, mutants, cannibals, and even maniacs. It will be hard to deal with all this craziness.

Within the Blade – July 16

Within the Blade gives you the chance to act like a Ninja. It is a hybrid of different genres, such as RPG, and platforming. It includes a variety of weapons as well as the Ninjato and Kusurigama. You have the will to increase your power.

Wizodd – July 16

Wizodd includes a lot of magic in a journey to become stronger. The goal is to find and face monsters, explode them, become more powerful, and jump through the levels.

What do you think about this week’s games? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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