Chernobylite Release Date Announcement Trailer, and Final Stage

Chernobylite announces release date, trailer, and final stage

Chernobylite release date is announced today. The team reveals that the release of Chernobylite will be on the most popular gaming platforms in July this year. Also, the last mega patch is finally ready for everyone who owns Chernobylite Early Access.

There is a ton of new stuff, as well as significant changes to the story, dialogue, location, and soundtrack. You now all have the opportunity to get to know an impressive fragment of the final level – Heist.

You’ll get the chance to sink into a true survival horror RPG experience. One that will require planning, finding allies, team building, and searching for clues to solve the mystery.


Chernobylite lore

The team always mentioned that the Chernobylite storyline is the apple of their eye. All the main and side plots are crucial for the reception of the game as a whole. From fans’ reactions, everyone can see that the story has drawn a lot of attention. You are looking forward to the continuation. However, there is nothing that cannot be refined even more. This also applies to the plot, which has been thoroughly re-edited and corrected.

The team says that they tried to highlight the different layers and aspects of the Chernobylite story as much as possible. This one is focused on the figure of Igor. He is a man who tries to solve a mystery from the past and understand his role in the events that took place many years ago. The attempt to find his beloved Tatyana is not only literal but also metaphorical – a desire to face the past full of riddles and understatements.

Optimizing everything

With corrected bugs, graphics, and increased stability, the game is much better now.  Your voice can be heard in the new Mega Patch.

The game has been thoroughly optimized in terms of memory consumption and displayed geometry. Thanks to these changes, the game works much better. It is more stable, loads much faster, and displays more details in a higher quality.

Additionally, the graphic settings are completely reworked. Now, individual options should have a greater impact on the performance and better scaling. Owners of weaker PCs should be particularly pleased with these changes.

You can also watch the trailer below!

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