Atlas Sea of Wonders Launches on Xbox Consoles with Updates

This season, the ATLAS team has introduced a variety of brand new features and season long game loops. Here is a summary is what has is new and changing.

What’s new with Atlas?

  • Expanded Lore
  • Create an Army of the Damned Structures by using the brand new monument system
  • It’s the Great Pyrmid Wonder
  • Maps based on regions
  • Atlantean Portals to Navigaton

On the Horizon

In the time of this season they’ll be introducing new structures, mechanics, and content for the endgame that help bridge the gap between PVP and PVE communities with a particular focus on more of the content that PVP players will love, while making sure that each new mechanic can be applied in a PVE setting. Combat mechanics between ships are evolving and they are working to incorporate the most effective features of the old ship system into the new customizable ship model.

Coming up Next

At the end of the season, they are expected to release another major update that will include atlantean, Pathfinder factions, further maps updates, as well as a number of new ships. Weapons, armor as well as structures that players can decorate their base are being developed. They’re also working on front-end tasks to enhance the overall quality of our network. official servers.

What is Atlas – Sea of Wonders?

From the makers of ARK Survival Evolved is ATLAS, the ultimate experience for pirates! Explore an endless, huge open world that is populated with thousands of other players at once. Build your vessel, gather your crew, navigate through the oceans, look for hidden treasure, rob settlements built by players (or substitute them by your own) and conquer the ATLAS world Island by island. Fight against the enemy’s fleets as you command massive warships -or share the duties with your trusted team members. Scuba dive into the deep sea to search for wrecks of ships that are sunken.

Join forces with other adventurers to explore new areas that are brimming in resources, exotic animals and the ruins from a past time. Be a legend of the pirates in this epic quest for fame and fortune! Design your own Pirate Ship of Your Dreams From tiny dinghies and rafts to huge galleons and frigates Your dream ship is just a few steps away thanks to our powerful customizing system for ships.

Build your Vessel

Build your vessel piece by piece Give it a name, plan the appearance of the sails then choose precisely where the masts, planks and gunports on your vessel will be. Create Your Crew. Recruit others from your group or hire NPCs for your group and assist you in your quest to find riches and glory. If it’s manning your ship, lifting the sails or helping you search for treasures that have been hidden on the shore Your crew is an integral element of your adventure as a pirate.

Make sure you ensure that they are full of food and pay the crew their part of the bounty to avoid having an armed mutiny in your hands… Discover an enormous World You can physically sail across an expansive ocean with over 700 landmasses spread across 45,000 square kilometers. Find numerous points of interest across a variety of world regions that are distinct that each have their individual assets and creatures, as well as secrets and threats! Make Your Own Identity Select from a variety of character customization options and choices for your appearance to make it your own unique pirate style. Learn skills in 15 different disciplines to make your own distinctive character within the realm of ATLAS. Experience classic pirate action.

Become the greatest swashbuckler in the world or gun-carrying gunslinger or maybe an expert cannoneer. Take on fierce battles against the shores of strongholds, swing between grappling hooks and board enemies’ ships, or slam cannonballs in volleys at the hull of your adversary’s. The world of ATLAS offers many options to take down your foes whether at the point of an axe… or, in the true style of pirates… on the other end of rope.

Set up Your Organization Want to create an impressive merchant empire that stretches between poles? Have you ever wanted to lead privateers in a fleet that are paid by the most lucrative bidder? Or maybe you’d like build a national navy to safeguard innocent citizens from pirates? In ATLAS, you’re able to construct any kind of organization you imagine.

Set up an Organization

Set up an organization settlement for your business and then construct it piece-by-piece using ATLAS’ modular building system. Challenge other businesses by claiming land, structures, or vessels and join them in your own ranks. With the right team in place the world truly is yours to explore. Choose between PvP and PvE Play. Choose between either PvE or PvP play on our servers that are official on a server for PvP all the resources are available for grabs, be it player inventories, ships crew members of NPCs as well as tames, constructed by players as well as player-owned territories, and plenty of other things to loot. If you are able to obtain it, you’ll be able to get it home for yourself.

Are you the one with the skills to become the most well-known pirate of the high seas? Are you looking for an easier, less “cutthroat” adventure? Take advantage of any of our PvE servers and work with thousands of players to explore the world as they discover new areas of knowledge, and even battle legendary creatures together. Create powerful corporations with old acquaintances or create an entire town run by players with new players. It’s all up to you!

ATLAS is yours to design! You can play in single player and non-dedicated Private Sessions, in addition to playing ATLAS on our unofficial and official servers alongside thousands of players, now you can experience ATLAS all by yourself in the Singleplayer mode or play with up to eight other players privately with our non-dedicated server mode. You can adjust the game to meet your personal preferences, and then enjoy your personal experience of ATLAS. and Much, Much More Only the beginning of ATLAS features and content are described above, with more to be added throughout its Early Access development period.

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