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Arcade Paradise Next Fest Demo comes to Steam

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Brad Fleischman

Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive open the doors to a retro arcade experience in the Steam Next Fest playable demo Arcade Paradise. It launches in Spring 2022 on Nintendo Switch PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S,PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Wired Productions, a global video game publisher, and Nosebleed Interactivehave announced that a demo of retro arcade adventure Arcade Paradise is now available for a short time. The demo was released as part of Steam Next Fest celebrations. It will show players how they run the King Wash Laundromat and give them a spin cycle.

Arcade Paradise – Gameplay Trailer

You can download and play the Arcade Paradise Steam Next Fest demo here. It is only available until October 11th.

What’s Arcade Paradise?

Arcade Paradise is a retro arcade game that’s fueled by the 90’s. Your father Gerald, voiced by Doug Cockle in The Witcher’s Geralt, has taken you on a trip to the Riviera. He has given you the keys for his laundry business and instructed you to manage the mundane day-to-day operations. Instead of washing clothes for a living, your family laundry becomes the ultimate arcade. To build your Arcade Paradise, you can profit from the sale of new arcade machines. There are over 35 options!


  • You can play the games and set high scores. Then challenge your customers to beat you to make a profit.
  • You can use that profit to order new cabinets with the most recent dial-up connection.
  • Arcade Paradise offers game cabinets to increase arcade sales. These original arcade games are inspired by classic arcade games from the 70s to the 90s.

About Wired Productions

Wired Productions, an independent publisher of video games, is based in Watford (UK). Wired has published and produced award-winning titles on all major platforms. Its games are curated to live up to its motto: ‘Driven By Passion.’ Notable launches include The Falconeer and Those Who Remain. Wired Productions recently announced its next slate of titles at Wired Direct. Upcoming titles are Lumote and Arcade Paradise as well Martha Is Dead, Tin Hearts and Tiny Troopers Global Ops. Twitter

About Nosebleed Interactive

Nosebleed Interactive, a multi-award winning independent studio, is located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. Nosebleed is currently working on Arcade Paradise, their next hit title after Vostok Inc.’s critical success.