Sleeping Dogs Xbox Series X|S Review (60 FPS Boost)

sleeping dogs xbox series x s review

Today we check out a review for Sleeping Dogs on Xbox Series X|S from Pure Play TV. This game is Criminally Underrated But Better Than Ever with the 60FPS Boost.

Sleeping Dogs for Xbox Series X|S Video Review (Pure Play TV)

What is Sleeping Dogs?

Sleeping Dogs was one of the many Games to benefit from the Fantastic FPS Boost that Microsoft has been putting work into. Let’s have a gander at how the game is in the here and now.

Sleeping Dogs originally released back in 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 by United Front Games. It was supposed to be a true crime game before Square Enix picked it up and rebranded it as Sleeping Dogs. It’s a shame because the true crime franchise had massive potential but that’s life.

Sleeping Dogs still feels like a true crime game though. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop who’s returning to Hong Kong after spending many years in the states. He returns on the job and he’s quickly made a name for homself with the local gangs that he grew up with. The story is brilliant. It’s well paced, well acted, and it feels like a continuation of the true crime series.

There’s even a few nods towards the original true crime game, which I thought was a nice touch. It’s a story of betrayal, honor, courage and of course violence and revenge. It’s great and I thourougly enjoyed it. As I’m playing again all these years later, I get to enjoy it again because my memory is poor and so at times it’s almost like playing for the first time.

Where is Sleeping Dogs set?

Sleeping dogs holds the distinction of being an open world game set in Hong Kong. As far as I know, there aren’t any other or at least none that stand out. Sleeping Dogs city is fantastically realised.

While it’s not the most realistic you’ll see especially by today’s standards, it still holds up as a very styling and atmospheric representation of Hong Kong. One problem I remember being prevalent in Sleeping Dogs for PS3 and Xbox360 was the driving frame rates. It was still a bit of an issue on PS4 and Xbox One versions.

I noticed that driving frame rate wasn’t very stable and I didn’t enjoy driving around that much. I felt like the game was lurching here and there. It just wasn’t very smooth.

The 60 FPS update though fixes my biggest gripe with the game. It’s finally fun to drive around the city streets or take part in the numerous high-speed pursuits as well. There are also many street races within the game.

This is not GTA or Yakuza.

Sleeping dogs is often compared to the likes of GTA (GTA 5 is coming in the future to Xbox Series X) or Yakuza but I like to think it stands as it’s own entity that other games could be compared to even if it is a one and only deal. And no, I don’t count the only MMO Sleeping Dogs game as anything. Forget it.

If you’ve got a Series X and Series S then you’ll be getting the best console version of the game without a doubt. The 60FPS Upgrade definitely improves the overall flow of the game with the brutal melee combat being super responsive and the driving feeling finally, quite good.

Even if it’s still feeling too arcadey for my liking, it’s a fantastic game. Still, if you can’t play it on the series X or S but on PS4 or Xbox One or even PS3 or Xbox 360 it’s still worth a play. 60 FPS or not, it’s regularly on sale for pennies so next time you see it, remember this video and give it a go. I promise you won’t regret it no matter where you end up playing.




Pros of Sleeping Dogs

  • 60 FPS on Series X|S is brilliant and improves the gameplay massively
  • Brillantly told story that feels like an extended Hong Kong action thriller movie
  • Hong Kong has been recreated with style and atmosphere

Cons of Sleeping Dogs

  • The controls can still feel a little janky
  • Driving, while improved, is still a bit too arcadey
  • No sequel
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