Xbox Drops Cosmic Top Secret Pre-Order Trailer

Xbox Drops Cosmic Top Secret Pre-Order Trailer
Cosmic Top Secret

Today on the Xbox YouTube channel, quite the interesting pre-order trailer dropped for Cosmic Top Secret. To be honest, I have never heard any whisperings about this game until now and I am not sure if I feel intrigued, scared, confused, or excited. Cosmic Top Secret an autobiographical adventure centered around cold war spies. You will be investigating family secrets and melding seven years of investigation and production of one of the most unique gaming experiences ever created.

  • Publisher: – A Meaningful and Alternative Games Publisher. They published titles such as Lydia, EQQO, Soul Searching, Infini, Journey of the Broken Circle, and Arrog.
  • Genre: Autobiography, Story-Driven Adventure, Educational
  • 7 Years in the making
  • The Danish Military gave clearance for parts of the game that contained real information
  • Releases May 21st
  • Rated Teen for Blood, Language, Use of Alchohol, Use of Tobacco and Violence

What is Cosmic Top Secret

In Cosmic Top secret you are in a hybrid of fantasy and reality in a world of paper following the true-life story of the developer main developer of the game named Trine. In the story, Trine out about her parent’s assistance to the Danish intelligence service during the Cold War period. T interviewed her own parents and other associates for seven years which culminated in over 100 hours of audio and video footage. Players of the game will need to glode, roll, and flick through 6 custom levels to unlock clues and secret documents.

According to their official website:

Cosmic Top Secret is an autobiographical adventure video game about T. The player follows her journey to uncover the truth about her parents’ work with Danish Intelligence during the Cold War. What exactly was it that they did? You must control T on her uncertain journey into adulthood and an atomic war that never happened but yet wounded a family. Surreal elements, human relationships, history, and secrecy come together to form a complex gaming experience.

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How to purchase and play it?

The game is coming on May 21st and you can pre-order it today to get a 10% discount. You can purchase this title on Google Play, Apple App Store, Stream, Hubble store,, green man gaming, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, or Xbox One. At only 8,99 € for Xbox One, it’s quite intriguing to give it a shot and support the developers.

Official Pre-Order Trailer

This game will either be a cult classic or a big flop. Contact Corexbox to let us know if you end up trying Cosmic Top Secret for Xbox One.

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