Adidas Will Release Xbox Themed Sneakers This Summer

Adidas Will Release Xbox Themed Sneakers This Summer
Adidas x Xbox Sneakers

Adidas x Xbox-themed sneakers are expected to release in this June. Two giants are partnering to design Xbox-themed cool new sneakers.

A couple of days ago Sony also announced that it was partnering with Nike to release PlayStation-themed sneakers. Xbox and Adidas are on the same train too, as the tech giant Microsoft has scheduled some special shoe models to release in this year. Two giants are planning to continue new shoe designs in 2022 as well. Although these dates are subject to change, we are now sure that the Adidas x Xbox collaboration is real and cool new sneakers are on the way.

Xbox-Themed Shoes Are Leaked

Adidas Will Release Xbox Themed Sneakers This June
Adidas x Xbox Collaboration Shoes

The leaked reports also give us a sneak peek of the themed sneakers. They seem quite casual in a primarily black design and with neon green laces. A logo of Xbox is featured on the sides and to be honest, those are some solid high heels. Thanks to the leaked photo and the reports, we can understand that the co-branded shoes are in the works. Yet again, it is important to keep in mind that the designs are also subject to change. We might see another pair of sneakers that are different from the leaked ones. In any case, they would look quite sleek with subtle Xbox-themed touches and aesthetics.

The first pair of sneakers are expected to arrive this summer season. The reports further state that there will be two pairs of special shoes to be released in October and November. The color of the boxes is expected to be green and featuring the Xbox logo as well. So that’s some good news for those shoebox collections.

Are you excited about the partnering of these two giants? What do you think about the Xbox sneakers, would you wear them? Let us know in the comments.

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