Watch Dogs Legion Launches Title Update and DLC (4.0 Live May 4th)

Watch Dogs Legion, the action adventure title that was released on October 29th, 2020 and developed by Ubisoft, is launching their first major update tomorrow Tuesday May 4th. The anticipated patch will provide both free and premium content for players and allow them to feel more connected into the open world of Watch dogs.

  • Available on Xbox One, Series X, Series S, PS4, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows
  • $39.99 Season Pass
  • Special editions $99.99 Gold edition.

The Quote from Xbox News

Watch Dogs: Legion players can grab a new DLC character and single-player mission starting today on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as a slew of free additions to the campaign and Online mode with Title Update 4.0. Available via the Season Pass or as a separate purchase, the DLC includes a new character, Mina Sidhu, a test subject whose special OMNI Optik lets her control enemies, disrupt them with a Mental Blast, or recharge her powers with takedowns. She arrives along with a new single-player mission, Swipe Right. This puts DedSec on the trail of a conspiracy to fund extremists by selling off Egyptian antiquities. Sounds quite interesting to me!

Mina Sidhu (New Playable Hero)

A new addition to the crew, Mina Sidhu will be the first playable hero will come to the game with the watch dogs legion update. You do need to fork over $39.99 for the season pass if you want to play her. Mina has mind control powers that allow her to take charge of her enemies and make them submit to her will. Play the entire single player mode with Mina or use her in online modes as well.

Third Entry in the Dead Sect Stories (New Season Pass Mission)

The mission called “Swipe Right” has dead sect infiltratea smuggling ring to gain intel on an ancient articfact.

New Co-Op Missions, Assignments, & Co-Op Gadgets

Each new mission added has a new set of diverse objectives and can be played with three other players. In addition, five new assignments will also be available and operatives will have access to two new gadgets and co-op modes.

The Three Co-Op Missions Include

  • Meltdown: DedSec investigates a set of killings that point directly to the Clan Kelley crime ring having acquired an experimental plasma weapon.
  • Dysfunction: Clan Kelley hackers known as the Cousins are holding London’s court system hostage, and demanding the dismissal of charges against all Kelley members as ransom.
  • Reposession: Finally, operatives must hunt down a cache of DedSec data drives taken by Albion before the private military can use them to locate active DedSec operatives.

Play As Anyone Feature Enrichment & 2 New Playable Characters

Two new character professions are joining single and multiplayer. First responders can deploy an AR shield that protects themselves or other players. DJs can buff teamates and confuse enemies in their radius.

Advanced Operative Customization (Hair and Body Art)

Some of the most requested cosmetic features have been added including new customization options.

  • Hair
  • Body Art

We are looking forward to testing the new update and will keep you posted with our findings!

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