Xbox and PC Gaming Collaboration Coming Now and in the Future

Xbox and PC Gaming Collaboration Coming Now and Future
Xbox and Bethesda

For PC gaming industry has been improving for many years and Xbox is a big part of it. We made a review of PC gaming and Xbox collaboration, what’s happening now, and what’ll be coming in the future.

Xbox has been approaching gaming as player-based. In the past, “gaming” divided into groups such as “console gamer”, “PC gamer” or “mobile gamer”. This idea is mostly behind us as the industry is now promoting gaming as a whole subject.

PC gaming is a crucial part of the idea of games. Like many other companies, Xbox has been making investments in PC gaming. This is mostly because PC is a key part of how people play games all around the world.

Xbox and PC Gaming
Xbox and PC Gaming

Players Before Games and Devices

The platform is mainly focused on gamers, not games or the devices they’ve been played on. We can see this as they’ve launched multiple games on PC. Added to this progression, we are all happy to hear this: Halo Infinite will also be added to the list. It will be released this year and will support multiplayer cross-play and cross-progression. This means that you can play with your friends on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S even though you’re playing on PC. Added to that, all your customization and progress will be with you on all platforms.

Xbox Past and Present
Xbox Past and Present

What Can We Expect from The Future

Xbox Game Studios is listening to PC gamers’ voices. They’ve been making investments and creating their route mostly based on that. They and Bethesda have been developing content for both PC and Xbox.

We can expect an environment where every gamer can find games and platforms based on their choices. Xbox App and Xbox Game Bar will be a part of this environment too. With all of these developments,  the industry will keep evolving where everyone can find something for them and play as they want. We can say that the future of PC gaming is bright thanks to Xbox and all other developers choosing to listen to the community.

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